|notfair| Postponed to 2021

Melbourne’s original  independent art fair will return soon for our greatest event ever to celebrate our 10th anniversary! (if restrictions allow)

Yes, we do things a little bit different… Founded as an alternative to the Melbourne Art Fair in 2010 |notfair| is a hybrid of a curated exhibition and a commercial art fair. |notfair| is a new model art fair that has the look and feel of a Biennale style exhibition but all artworks are for sale. It is a fair and not a fair at the same time. Participants are selected by our panel of curators, pursuing to uncover new blood, the sometimes challenging and always remarkable game changers of the art world.

|notfair| puts the spotlight on independent artists with notable talent and creates a platform that connects under-represented artists to each other,  to art lovers, collectors, critics, curators and commercial gallery directors. It challenges the established gatekeepers of the art world and offers new opportunities for artists and audiences.

|notfair| is a not for profit organisation entirely driven by volunteers with support of  sponsors and donations. About to celebrate our 10th anniversary, the event has proven to be a resounding success over the years with a significant number of |notfair| artists moving on to successful careers, gallery representation, inclusion in major curated exhibitions, grants, awards and media attention.

|notfair|  just not your average fair…

|notfair| acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land upon we gather and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and future. We recognize the strength, pride and expression of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

11.11.2020 was an auspicious and ambitious date to set at the beginning of last year to celebrate the 10th anniversary of |notfair|. Unfortunately, due to the enduring COVID-19 restrictions, we had to make the decision to postpone our fair to 2021. Now we are slowly coming out of a complex time of severe insecurity, collective depression and hardship, we must reach out and provide hope and opportunity through and for the arts and do it as soon as we can. We are pleased to bring a  |notfair| preview over summer at South Side House in Windsor – our temporary contemporary art spaces and we hope to announce a date for |notfair| 2021 very shortly.  We all know the arts sector is suffering immensely because of the pandemic, as art does not survive without an audience; it needs to be seen, heard and experienced to validate its very existence. If the intermission takes too long it will affect the very nature of who we are. At the same time, the intermission forces us to reflect on what is behind us and the world we created, a world where equality still seems to be an utopian dream rather than a basic human right and a fundamental moral principle. It is our choice to make a difference. As an arts organization, |notfair| embraces diversity; it is the very nature of our beliefs and we will continue to support, unearth and empower artists, all different, all equal.

Anne Runhardt – Chair, |notfair| Art Foundation

|notfair| 2021 Project Spaces

We are hosting a series of exhibitions in the lead up to our fair at South Side House, James Street, Windsor.

Until March 7
Space 2: Sonia Payes / Doble & Strong / Simon Strong

February 19 – March 7
Space 1: Belinda Wiltshire

March 11 – 28
Space 2: Naomi Bishop / Irene Wellm

Previous exhibitions:

Until February 14
Space 1: Saffron Newey / Marion Abraham

Opening times:
Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons
2 – 6pm
or any other time on appointment

These exhibition spaces are kindly sponsored by Mary Murone

Artists 2021

Alicia King

|notfair| 2017 , |notfair| 2021

Amber Cronin

|notfair| 2021

Amina McConvell

|notfair| 2021

Angela Casey

|notfair| 2021

Ash Coates

|notfair| 2021

Chee Yong

|notfair| 2021

Christian Bishop

|notfair| 2021

Eloise Kirk

|notfair| 2021

Hayley Arjona

|notfair| 2021

Jack Rowland

|notfair| 2021

James Bonnici

|notfair| 2021

Jason Waterhouse

|notfair| 2021

Jeremy Blincoe

|notfair| 2021

Joshua Bonson

|notfair| 2021

Katie West

|notfair| 2021

Laetitia Olivier-Gargano

|notfair| 2017 , |notfair| 2021

Liss Fenwick

|notfair| 2021

Michael Carney

|notfair| 2021

Moya Delany

|notfair| 2021

Nic Macalari

|notfair| 2021

Simon Attwooll

|notfair| 2021

Yuria Okamura

|notfair| 2021

And more to come…

|notfair| Conversations


Arkley Award

The memory of much-loved artist Howard Arkley is honoured by the Arkley Award, established in 2010 by Arkley’s mother, Gwen and her late partner Frank Lewis. The aim of the prize is to acknowledge the skills of emerging artists and reflect Howard Arkley’s passion as practitioner and teacher.


Anne Runhardt Art Award

Established in 2017, the Anne Runhardt Art Award was founded to uncover and enable outstanding talent within the visual arts. The $10,000 non-acquisitive award is dedicated to independent, experimental and thought-provoking art deserving of greater recognition and opportunity.  All participating artists of |notfair| are considered finalists of the Anne Runhardt Art Award.

|notfair| 2017

The Shadow Factory

Curated by Tony Lloyd, Sam Leach and Ashley Crawford

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