Liss Fenwick

Liss Fenwick’s Meat Tray is a series of photographs that look at historical narratives of white settlement in rural northern Australia through images that depict flesh-eating ants (Iridomyrmex sanguineus) consuming feral buffalo meat. In a night-time ritual, Fenwick repurposes tarnished silver trays to feed the ants on her family’s rural property in Humpty Doo, NT, on the unceded land of the Larrakia people. Fenwick photographs the ants as they swarm the flesh using the trays as an autobiographical stage for a ‘theatre of the absurd’. Meat Tray responds to decaying eurocentrism, boredom and nihilism Fenwick believes permeates in the communities she belongs to in the Northern Territory. She simultaneously completed a dual Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Queensland and is now undertaking a PhD at RMIT.

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