James Bonnici

James Bonnici is a Melbourne based artist who works from Blender Studios. After graduating from RMIT in 1999, he slowly developed his style, one culminating in a cohesive body of psychological landscapes and portraits which reflect his attitude towards the contemporary environment. He now exhibits regularly around Melbourne, most recently appearing in Dark Horse Experiment’s group show ‘Confine’ and a solo showing at Lindberg Galleries. He was one of Art Melbourne director, Tamsin Roberts’, top picks at Art Melbourne 2012, and has featured on ABC TV’s Artscape program, Subtopia. Bonnici’s artworks explore the process of obscuring, distorting and manipulating reality to invoke a sense of rupture as it challenges the representation of the physical world, hinting at the more ambiguous nature of being and existence. The current works seek to explore how human experience is directly perceived through mood, bias and subjectivity, bringing an element of abstraction and distortion to our physical reality, thus highlighting how our experience of objects, figures and events are filtered through human consciousness.