Christian Bishop

Christian Bishop lives and works in Melbourne. Bishop is an Honours graduate of RMIT University and a resident at Strange Neighbour Studios since 2017. Bishop is a multidisciplinary artist who works broadly across photography, printmaking, sculpture, film and sound. Bishop’s artwork materialises as installations, interventions and site activations exploring notions of place, landscape and human agency. Bishop’s artwork serves as a platform to examine human relationships with the landscape. On one hand Bishop’s work seeks to understand the fraught social fabric of our cities driven by the effects of population growth and the problematics of speculation driven property development. Bishop’s work also explores the loss of spiritual connection with a post-colonial landscape and the resulting anxiety of place. Bishop questions how we identify with our surrounding landscape when it is in continual flux and upheaval? Bishop’s interpretation of his experiences are reflected as immersive installations. The intimate nature of viewing is often manifested as interventions in the gallery spaces they are exhibited or as site activations in the landscape itself. Since 2009 Bishop has been exploring feeling and the landscape, its boundaries and the liminal city across Melbourne’s inner west. Bishop holds a BA(Hons) Bachelor of Fine Arts (with HD), RMIT University, 2014.

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