Chee Yong

Chee Yong carries a somewhat unusual amalgam of skills. He has Bachelor of Dental Surgery and Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy) both from the University of Otago, New Zealand and a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts; University of Tasmania (current). He is, without a doubt, the first artist in NotFair to be both a dentist and an artist. “As an artist I explore the interconnection of ephemeral elements of nature and landscape in the contemporary setting of arts, philosophy, memory and time,” he says. Landscape abstraction is part of a series of miniature paintings that he has been developing over the years as a form of personal diary. “The series pays tribute to the Tang Dynasty poem The Arduous Road to Shu by Li Bo, in which he described the dizzying cliffs, deep ravines and hidden dangers of the journey from Chang’an to Shu. I have always thought of this poem as being allegorical in some ways and can empathise with the venture as each painting represents my own mountainous and sometimes torturous journey as an artist.”

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