Ara Dolatian

Artefacts captures a utopian sentiment whilst also a form of pessimism associated with the process of colonial exchange. With the idea of progress having quickly decayed into a perverse ideal that has justified environmental destruction, imperial expansion and human exploitation, it seems appropriate to articulate this notion with forms that are equal parts familiar and unhomely. Artefacts examines the cultural and landscape shifts which have been a major influence on Dolatian’s work’s aesthetic and ideas.  In the exhibition the sculptural forms are peculiar spherical objects with a planetary feel; they appear transitory, on the verge of collapse or reform. The installations represent an imaginative new place where the commodification of biological material, space and technology is visible.  The materials Dolatian works with are simultaneously organic and inorganic. Dolatian holds a Master of Social Science, Environment & Planning, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts – Sculpture , both from  RMIT University and has held solo exhibitions at Blindside, C3 Contemporary Art Space, Stockroom, Kyneton and elsewhere.

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