Alicia King

Alicia King is an interdisciplinary artist exploring intersections of biology, technology and the sublime. As we are constantly reminded by popular media, developments in biological technologies stand to revolutionise our experience of being human. A bombardment of ideologies of technological supremacy over the natural world place us within a continual mythology of the ‘future’. These ideas preoccupy King’s art practice through exploring the transformative potential of biological matter. Via an alchemical approach to materiality and process, King’s work navigates a landscape of biological metamorphosis. Her practice also examines tools of biological technologies, as a way to explore contemporary perspectives of biological material as conceptually loaded and transformative. King holds a PhD from the University of Tasmania for Transformations of the Flesh; rupturing embodiment through biotechnology, an artistic exploration of relationships between biotech practices and the physical, ethical and ritual body. King has participated in exhibitions and residencies throughout Australia, Europe, Asia, and the USA including the Australia Council Tokyo Studio Residency, and Asialink Tokyo Wonder Site Residency; the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris; the Galapagos Archipelago (self-directed Australia Council funded residency); Foundation BAD, Netherlands; Organhaus, China, and Urban Glass, Brooklyn. She has been involved in a range of collaborative projects internationally, including with OLTA (Tokyo), as one third of The Holy Trinity (with Mish Meijers and Tricky Walsh), and 6A ARI projects. Recent selected solo exhibitions include Our Long Conversation with the Sun, Linden New Art, Melbourne (2019) and Alien Nature, (2019) and I Watch a lot of Science Fiction, (2017) both at C3 Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne.