|notfair| 2021 Preview Exhibitions

We are hosting a series of exhibitions in the lead up to our fair at South Side House, James Street, Windsor.

January 25 – February 7
Space 1: Saffron Newey / Marion Abraham
Space 2: Sonia Payes / Doble & Strong / Simon Strong

February 8 – 21
Space 1: Belinda Wiltshire
Space 2: Naomi Bishop

Opening times:
Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons
2 – 6pm
or any other time on appointment

These exhibition spaces are kindly sponsored by Mary Murone

Space 1: Saffron Newey / Marion Abraham

Saffron Newey

Saffron Newey is an artist who interrogates the Internet in a new and promiscuous way.

Through random Google image searches she sources and appropriates a broad array of artworks from unrelated histories and genres. Featured in this exhibition is a Romantic cloud painting after Hans Güde alongside a fantasy art dragon, a stock image of an ocean and a horse, painted after George Stubbs.
As a body of work a new brand of “sublime” emerges; one that considers both the original, Romantic definition and also a new, contemporary, digital sublime.

Saffron Newey lives and works in Melbourne. In 2020 she was awarded a PhD in Fine Art at RMIT.

Instagram: @saffron_newey

Equine Vignette
Hand etched ink on board
Mounted in perspex
20 x 20 x 5 cm

Deep Sea Vignette
Hand etched ink on board
Mounted in perspex
20 x 20 x 5 cm

Marion Abraham

Marion Abraham has a deep love for the sculptural capacity of paint combined with story-heavy imagery. Her practice is an extension of experience in the natural world and carries the signifiers of bygone eras and old lands.

Traditional power structures and gender roles are reimagined in Marion’s painting: she loves the humorous, the violent and the beautiful. In 2019 Marion had solo shows at Tinning Street Presents, Brunswick Street Gallery and The Motley Bauhaus and in 2020 at Counihan Gallery.

Instagram @minminmarion

Contact details:
0437 258 653

Thunder, Finally 2020, oil on canvas, 200 x 120 cm.