Ceri Hann

Often operating as an outsider from the inside, a cryptic critic that uses artistic process as a metaphorical window cleaner, a brick to break with accepted convention, a gentle rock to generate ripples of philosophical contention. Ceri Hann practices making time and space through the gifting of minor works (small objects) to instigate more complex and meaningful conversation, a performative way of taking a position on the fourth wall, enabling me to appear in third person for a limited time only ; ) ‘Captivating objects’ is a serial collection of surreal lens substitutions that speculate the reality of an object orientated ontology. Some things are too serious to be taken seriously, this work could be considered either an oblique critique of photography’s two-dimensional character/s, or perhaps Hann’s playful attempt to refocus the canon. Hann has been included in exhibitions at Gertrude Contemporary (2019), C3 (2019), the Melbourne Comedy Festival (2017), Liquid Architecture (2015), RMIT Project Space (2014) and has an accumulation of minor works in many private collections.

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