NotFair 2023

8 – 13 December 2023

333 Malvern Road, South Yarra VIC 3141


Zac Chester

Zac Chester is a 38-year-old artist from Melbourne, living with Down Syndrome. He has been creating ever since he was a child, using drawing as a form of meditation that brings him to a quiet place. He continues to explore his creative side through regular art classes within a therapeutic setting. His artistic journey is a personal adventure filled with exploration and growth. With each brushstroke, Zac bursts colour onto his canvases, allowing for different shapes and markings to dance together – much like Zac dances while he paints in his studio. The vibrancy of his work invites viewers to experience expansive positivity, encouraging curiosity and openness. More often than not, Zac paints intuitively, however there are times where he consciously chooses to paint certain symbols. Zac has a fascination with painting the sun and its rays. For him, it represents brightness and happiness. It gives him peace as he fills up the spaces with warmth and light. As Zac’s art unfolds, you can anticipate an evolution marked by an abundance of lively hues and a sense of wonder.



Pink Pyjamas 2023. Acrylic on canvas. 96 x 85 cm.

NOTFAIR 2023: 8 - 13 December |NOTFAIR 2023: 8 - 13 December |NOTFAIR 2023: 8 - 13 December |