NotFair 2023

8 – 13 December 2023

333 Malvern Road, South Yarra VIC 3141


Sis Cowie

Sis Cowie completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in 2020 from the University of Melbourne. Cowie won the Richard Lester Prize for Portraiture (2020), was a finalist in the Percival Prize for Portraiture (2020) and a semi-finalist in the Moran Prize for Portraiture (2018). Her figurative works conflate classical and modern influences, depicting human form, fabrics and animals in often surreal and unusual juxtapositions. Cowie’s practice is heavily informed by religious scripture and iconography. Cowie frequently looks to history for cautionary tales that provide a commentary on the modern world. Cowie’s oil paintings explore themes of themes of desire, betray and moral decay. Through sumptuous imagery, nubile figures and witty visual allegory, Cowie comments on the follies of contemporary society. Yet beside these sobering and humorous insights, many of Cowie’s paintings also celebrate the beauty of the human condition; meditative portraits focus on the phenomenon of emotion.



Two Girls in a Bed 2022. Oil on canvas. 101 x 101 cm.


Mary 2023. Oil on canvas. 100 x 80 cm.

NOTFAIR 2023: 8 - 13 December |NOTFAIR 2023: 8 - 13 December |NOTFAIR 2023: 8 - 13 December |