NotFair 2023

8 – 13 December 2023

333 Malvern Road, South Yarra VIC 3141


Chloe Tizzard

Chloe Tizzard’s sculptural practice is born from the desire to subvert the mind and drop into the body. Through hybridity of form and androgyny of her subject matter, Tizzard obscures categorical boundaries, encouraging the initial encounter of her work to be a felt-sense of their highly tactile materials. The suggestive formal qualities of her sculptures, often referencing parts of the human body, challenge binaries between eroticism and abjection, at once enticing to our sensuality but confusing and undefinable. The intuition demanded by her work is a statement against the primacy and banality of rationalism, a surrealist challenge to the intellectualisation of art and experience. Tizzard graduated with a BFA in 2021 and is currently undertaking her Masters in Fine Art at RMIT. Her graduate work was featured in PICA’s Hatched Graduate Award show in Perth and she has since exhibited in a number of galleries in Melbourne. She is currently experimenting with work in the public space, adapting her distinctive style and material choice to environments outside of the gallery.



Pervert 2021. Synthetic hair, felt. 200 x 50 x 60 cm. Edition 1/1

NOTFAIR 2023: 8 - 13 December |NOTFAIR 2023: 8 - 13 December |NOTFAIR 2023: 8 - 13 December |